Using Modern Technology to DESIGN AND Deliver Classic Novelty Games and New Concepts in Redemption Games


Few things are as American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. That is why we wanted to go back to those simpler days. The amusement game industry has used technology to bring the level of game play to new heights, but what about old fashioned fun? Enter Gizmo Game Design with our debut game bringing back the classic pitch and bat concept. We are pleased to offer a classic model, ALL STAR BASEBALL and a novelty game for the ages, ZOMBIE LEAGUE ALL STARS. We are also introducing the Home Run Derby feature which will allow you to test your skill at taking every pitch deep. Home runs, and nothing but Home runs!

You have the choice of pitches; fast, slow, or curve ball. You can experience the swing of the bat and the thrill of watching your men run the bases. You can play alone or grab a friend with a two player option and try your skill at hitting a home run! We have redesigned and improved the classic mechanisms for the pitching, batting and running man units. These changes add to the reliability of our games.

Our baseball games are being manufactured exclusively by Valley-Dynamo, a leader in the coin-op industry, in Richland Hills, Texas.